Introducing Beyond the Scale

For over 28 years, we’ve helped hundreds of Bahamians lose weight and lead healthier lives. Now, with our new program, we help you eat healthier, get active at your own pace, and discover new ways to define success.  Our most personalized approach ever fits your life and is backed by real-time support. It focuses on you, not just a number on the scale. 

The new Beyond The Scale program is about making healthy eating simpler, finding ways to move more each day, and developing the inner strength to make positive choices for life.  Plus, we’ll give you more ways than ever to personalize your program, define your success, and feel motivated each and every day.

Our breakthrough SmartPoints™ Plan 

We know that your success goes beyond the numbers on the scale. Now, making healthier food choices, increasing fitness level, feeling good about each successful milestone and having fun doing so is what matters. And Weight Watchers will help you every step of the way, with studies proving that support and encouragement is critical to weight-loss success.

At Weight Watchers, you’ll receive a personalized Daily SmartPoints and Weekly SmartPoints for your food budget. We’ll help you determine a fitness goal to work towards to help you look better, feel great and lose weight. And we’ll give you all the support you need to do it Your Way.

You can choose to count SmartPoints™, or follow our No Count approach. Whichever you choose you’ll lose weight eating delicious food that nourishes you from the inside out – and you can switch between them whenever you want.

If you count SmartPoints™, you eat anything you like – nothing is off the menu. Using a daily and weekly allowance gives you the freedom and flexibility to eat what you like and lose weight.

With No Count, you get freedom from counting and tracking everything. You focus your eating on a list of healthy foods, and as long as you stick to these foods you don’t have to count or track them.

And you get a weekly allowance for anything that isn’t on the list.




Our new holistic approach is based on these 4 pillars:


Healthy Eating Made Easy

Learn how to eat real foods you love and lose weight. We’ll guide you towards choices that are full of flavour, taste good, fuel your body and fill you up. With our new SmartPoints™ nothing’s off limits, because enjoying food with people you love is what matters. So lose pounds, not your lifestyle.


Fitness That Fits Your Life

Fitness is moving, getting back in touch with your body and getting you moving and feeling fit again. Straight away you'll start to de-stress, perk up, and find more energy. Our new fitness approach meets you where you are.  Your personalized FitPoints™ activity goal will help you get there.


Research shows happier people make healthier choices. Invest in you and you’ll quickly discover that these small changes will light a spark that fuels your confidence and weight loss, leading to a happier, healthier life. 


Have Fun

From swimming to volleyball, we've got great ideas to have fun while losing weight. When you join and participate in meetings, you'll learn new and exciting ways to exercise and get active. 


Let us help you make the first step