Success Stories

Odia says:

My challenges with weight did not begin for me until my teens. I was a very skinny child and my Mom often worried about me when it came up to eating. I was always active in that I did dance, swimming and other physical activities. It wasn't until I was in senior high that I started to pay attention to my weight but I wasn't necessarily bothered by it so I never made any attempts to do anything about it until I was in college. I did tons of different diets to get the weight off and had success for a period but after a short time, the weight would return. 

My initial decision to join Weight Watchers came during my final year of college (2001). At the time, I weighed 179 lbs. and was wearing a size 16. I had gotten totally fed up with myself and I knew I had to do something.  I joined and was able to lose about 20 lbs. before I returned to school and then found the local Weight Watchers in Canada that allowed me to continue the program while away from home. By the time I had returned home for good, I had lost a total of 30+ lbs. I was satisfied and "comfortable" and didn't stick with WW as I did before. However, I was still able to maintain my weight loss for about five years before the weight began to come back. By 2006, I was almost back to where I was before I came to weight watchers and as a result I decided to rejoin the program. This time however, I didn't stick to it and didn't remain for very long. Instead, I did more "fad" diets which again worked for a short time.

Odia Before

Odia Before

Odia Richardson

From: Nassau

Start Weight: 189 lbs

Now:  155.4 lbs

Lost:  33.6 lbs



I made a decision in 2015 to return to WW once again. Because, unlike many of the "fad" diets that I had done, none of them really trained me and taught me about health and nutrition nor gave me the tools (i.e. meetings, literature, group support, etc.) to make a lifestyle change which was really what I needed over any type of diet. Also, when I found myself in a size 16 again and had began to look for clothing in the plus size section of the store a light went on for me and I knew this was not me at my best nor my happiest.

While there have been quite a number of changes to WW since I initially joined in 2001, the fundamentals of the program still remain. This program actually teaches and trains you how to make better choices when it comes up to your food, exercise and overall health.  I find myself as a result of making so many different choices that make me a happier person all around. I don't deprive myself of absolutely anything. I just have learnt how to enjoy things in moderation and with a lot more control than before. I exercise regularly and do different types of exercises (i.e. Pilates and Yoga) so I don't get bored. My starting weight was 189 lbs. in October of 2015 and to date I have lost a total of 33lbs. and counting.

Being at a different place in my life now than when I first joined, I can appreciate more about WW that I wasn’t able to before. For example, when I attend social events now, I go to enjoy the company and have a good time rather than the food and special moments and occasions in my life aren't always celebrated with food. 

Odia After

Odia After

Odia's tips for success

  • Have a goal in mind and use visual tools to keep you focused on it like photos, certain outfits etc.
  • Never compare your success (weight loss) with someone else's. We are all on different journeys, set your very own pace!
  • Practice validating yourself in the mirror daily. Say encouraging things like “I can do this”, ‘I’m doing well”, “I have a goal to reach”, etc.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time, either the night before or that morning.
  •  Remind yourself constantly that you are changing your lifestyle and you’re not on a diet.
  • Try to look for healthier substitutes to your “favorite” foods.  

Weight Watchers is the most holistic and practical weight loss program that I have ever been a part of and I feel Amazing because of it!!!!!