The Plan

With SmartPointsTM you can eat what you love while still dropping those extra pounds and reaching your goals. We’ll help you to make healthier and smarter food choices, without missing out on your favourite foods and treats, so you’ll never feel deprived and Weight Watchers can help you on your shopping trips.

The Leader

Want a real motivation boost? Each meeting is led by a living, breathing success story – your Leader – so you’ll get help from someone who’s been there. They’ve been there, done that, lost weight and trained according to weight Watchers International standard. Your Weight Watchers Leader knows where you’re coming from because they’ve followed the plan for years and continue to live a healthier lifestyle on our current SmartPoints Program, too. And they’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the knowledge, support and motivation you need – no matter what your goal is.

The Encouragement

Feeling overwhelmed, nervous, or just unsure? Don’t worry – chances are, the members in your meeting have or are, too, because they’ve been in the same place. They’ll be there to share in your journey, so you can support and inspire one another and celebrate those victories along the way – big or small.

The Weigh-In

Facing up to the scales every week will give you a clear picture of how the plan is working – or, where you maybe need to put in some extra work that week. It’s completely private and confidential, so your weekly weight will be between you and your Leader or Receptionist. And rest assured, they’ll be there to offer advice if the scales aren’t measuring up like you expected.

The Tools

Get started on the road to weight loss success with access to the Weight Watchers Bahamas 28 years of dedicated and committed personal service providers. Force to recon with motivational group meetings, champion by skilled Leaders with well-prepared topics from Weight Watchers International each week. Receive a complete set of SmartPoints core program books upon registration as a member plus, you’ll get recipes and meal ideas to enable you to start the program right away.  Videos, wearable pedometer at home personal Fitness tools. Even when you’re outside your meeting. - Access to Expert  ChartMonday to Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm and meeting room community members for extra motivation.

Your Group

At Traditional meeting at our meeting locations and At Work meetings gives you opportunity to be yourself.  Talk a little, or a lot – the important part is, you’re there and you’ll meet an instant support network of fellow members like you. Even if you don’t say a word, take it all in and get inspired. You’ll be amazed at what you learn each week at your meeting.

Walk-In Service

 Just drop in at our Head Office at 130 Collins Avenue Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. Don’t worry about pre-arranging your visit – just come along and you’ll get a warm welcome. Or find a meeting here.

Get involved with our network and success…

You’ll also have access to our member’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sites – find out more success stories at your meetings and here.  

Become our next
Success Story

“The changes have been awesome.  I feel a lot more confident, healthier and happier and I’m doing things I never could have done before such as crossing my legs when I sit down and reducing medication for diabetes”                                                                     

Julie Collie, lost 82lbs



*Results can vary from person to person.